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Halloween Store

Party Expert is your one-stop-shop destination for everything costumes, Halloween décor and parties in 2022!

Canada's No.1 Online Halloween Store

Halloween Costumes

Are you looking for a Halloween store that will stock all of the best Halloween costumes this year? At Party Expert, we have a broad range of amazing Halloween costumes for people of all ages. We’re the number one place to go in Canada if you want kids or adult costumes for the upcoming spooky season. 


Our Halloween costumes are extremely diverse, ranging from classic ghosts to fun Disney costumes that you can dress up in with friends. All of the Halloween costumes in our Halloween store are made from quality materials that will definitely impress on Halloween night. Alongside the wonderful kid’s costumes, we’ve got adult costumes and family costumes to suit everyone. There are even some super cute pet costumes for your little furry friend!


A Costume Collection For Everyone

We’re overjoyed to bring you lots of new and popular Halloween costumes in so many collections. These include our extremely coveted pirate costumes for kids and adults, along with loads of wonderful TV and movie costumes, featuring some extremely popular characters. Fans of Netflix will absolutely adore our Squid Game costumes and Bridgeton Costumes, letting you turn heads at the Halloween get-together. 


If you’re looking for group or couple costumes, we have collections in abundance as well. Our sexy Halloween costumes are always a hit with couples or groups, as are our Harry Potter costumes


Put simply, if you are looking for the best collection of Halloween costumes in Canada, you have come to the right place. Our collection of costumes grows each year, so click here to view the new catalog for 2022! We have lots of really exciting new additions, including our Jurassic World costumes, complete with inflatable dinosaurs. 


Halloween Costume Accessories

We don’t just stock Halloween Costumes at Party Expert - we have a plethora of spooky accessories for costumes as well. If you’re looking to impress this Halloween, you need to go the extra mile when putting your costumes together. Luckily, we have more than enough accessories to fit any theme, so you can stand out from the crowd!


When shopping for Halloween accessories, you tend to look for the following: 


  • Masks

  • Contact lenses

  • Makeup

  • Handheld accessories


Lucky for you, our shop has all of these things in abundance! 


Halloween Masks

Halloween costumes don’t feel complete without a mask! Thankfully, we have lots of different masks for you to choose from. As you can see here, they range from simple to more complex styles. We have masks that can be used to create your own costumes and ones that specifically go with character costumes - like this incredible Squid Game mask


We have scary masks as well, or you could opt for a different accessory and wear a wig. There are oodles of wigs to pick from in our store, from Multicolored Clown Wigs to a really impressive Cruella Wig. Our wigs come in all sizes, colors, and varieties, so you are destined to find one that will perfectly accessorize your Halloween outfit. 


Halloween Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are crucial for really tying Halloween costumes together. So, we’re happy to announce that our shop stocks many different varieties. Check out our complete range of contact lenses here, and you’ll see how they can be used to add something extra to your outfit on Halloween. 


One of our favorite uses for accessories like these is to upgrade an existing costume. Something like these thriller contact lenses will pair beautifully with Catwoman costumes. The lenses give you more cat-like eyes, completing the look perfectly.  


Of course, we have so many other contact lens accessories as well, and you will struggle to shop for a better selection online in Canada. 


Halloween Makeup

You simply will not have good Halloween costumes without some special Halloween makeup! It’s an absolute necessity, especially if you’re dressing up as vampires or ghosts. Adding a touch of makeup can complete the look and really impress everyone on Halloween. 


Our online store has multi-color makeup that can be used on your face and body however you like. We also have some excellent things like blood splatter spray to create effects that you’d see in the movies. 


Speaking of the movies, you can also shop for some hyper-realistic prosthetics. Our zombie rot prosthetic makes it look like your flesh is being eaten alive, creating a terrifying look to add to any zombie costume. 


If you need more inspiration, you can see the full range of Halloween makeup on our online store right here. We do recommend you start shopping right away as all of the accessories in our Halloween store sell extremely quickly at this time of the year. 


Handheld Accessories

Our store also boasts an excellent selection of weapons, armor, and shields. These handheld options are must-haves for anyone dressing up as a character this Halloween. If you’re trying to replicate someone from the movies - like Thor - then you need their iconic weapons. Speaking of which, we have an exceptional replica of Thor’s Hammer that would be the perfect accompaniment to your costume. 


Halloween Decorations

Are you planning on hosting a get-together this Halloween night? Or, maybe you just want to have fun and decorate your house for all the kids coming to trick or treat? Either way, we stock the best range of Halloween decorations in Canada. Whether you’re shopping for fake cobwebs or little things to add to your decor, you’ll find many excellent ideas both online and in store. 


Indoor & Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Shopping for something to improve your Halloween indoor decor? Well, you’re in the perfect place. We have some superb additions to your home decor that are sure to impress. Cover your house in Halloween caution tape, or drape a bloody creepy cloth along the banisters. We have balloons and cauldrons too; there’s everything your house could possibly need. 


If you’re shopping for Halloween outdoor decor, then we have a bounty of treats for you. No kids will plan on playing tricks on your home when they see your scary Halloween decorations outside. Our recommendation is to check out the animatronics in our store. They’re seriously spooky, bringing scary things to life. Stick them outside and you are sure to cause quite a fright with these Halloween decorations. Or, bring the animatronics inside to create terrifying sets in your home. 


Naturally, we have so many other things you can use to decorate your home on Halloween alongside the animatronics. From giant spiderwebs to a mossy tombstone, you have so much choice when shopping!


Halloween Party Supplies

No Halloween gathering is complete without some supplies that perfectly encapsulate the theme. Again, we are really proud to be one of the few stores that can offer so many Halloween supplies. 


As well as the decorations mentioned above, we have fantastic additions such as Halloween tableware and Halloween favors. Our spooky selection of tableware can be used to match any theme your event might have. This includes themes taken from TV and films, like Stranger Things or The Nightmare Before Christmas. We also have more classic tableware too, with our bloody selection being a massive hit at adult parties. Scare all your guests with themed plates and cups covered in fake blood - it will certainly create a dining experience like no other. 


You can choose tableware sets, napkins, tablecloths, and so much more online via our store. Hurry, these products sell out extremely quickly because so many people are looking for Halloween supplies right now! 


Halloween Favors For Your Guests

Give your guests a night to remember with our amazing Halloween favors. Our products are suitable for any type of event, including one for kids. You can hand out packets of Halloween stickers or fill goodie bags full of fun little treats like this Halloween skeleton-topped pen.  There are simply so many little favors you can add to a bag to hand to guests as a thank you for attending. 


For adult parties, you could still do the same thing. But, why not get your hands on this brilliant Best Costume trophy? Host a costume contest at your gathering and let everyone judge who is the best. Count up the votes, and then hand out the top prize to the winner. 

There’s really no better place to go for decorations, costumes, or supplies this Halloween. Party Expert has absolutely everything you could wish for - and more. All of our products are competitively priced but be warned, they sell out very quickly. Many of our popular Halloween costumes or decorations have already sold out, so be sure to keep checking our site to see when things come back in stock. With only a few weeks left to prepare for the main event, you need to get a move on and stock up on Halloween supplies today!


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